Monday, 7 May 2012

Saj Ahmad to Everett: Charleston will snare all 787 production

Saj Ahmad has given another one of his "sage" predictions: he thinks Charleston, SC, will get all Boeing 787 production.

He's quoted in the Charleston newspaper on this prediction. He said:

Saj Ahmad is chief analyst at StrategicAero Research, a private aviation consulting firm operating in Europe and the Middle East. Ahmad said he thinks South Carolina could well become one of the country’s largest aerospace manufacturing hubs in the coming years. Boeing would not have invested so much in the area had it not planned on maintaining a long-term presence, and other aerospace companies will likely be drawn here as a result, he said.
While Boeing’s roots go deep in Everett, Wash., it has a spanking new production facility in Charleston and a workforce here that is trained in the latest technologies and processes. Workers here didn’t have to unlearn old ways of doing things to make this new-generation plane, he said.
That bodes well for the plant landing more and more work as Boeing expands its lines, and it could conceivably become the main assembly point for 787s in the future, he said.
“I don’t think South Carolina will be a one-trick pony,” Ahmad said. “I think there is a very real opportunity for Charleston to snare all of the 787 production.”

Fact Checker is sure IAM 751 will find this prediction of more than passing interest. Everett has the primary 787 line and the surge line, which gives Everett the ability to produce 10 787s a month. 

The "analysis" reported  by the Charleston paper is not only weird, the first part is hardly insightful--of course Boeing plans a long-term presence there.

The Everett IAM also had to fix all the problems coming out of Charleston.

Saj Ahmad and his new Strategic Aero Research still leave a lot of "analysis" behind.


  1. There's something funny about this. How does journalists like Glenn Smith
    ( manage to get in contact with Saj. Is he contacting them, or what?

    Meanwhile, the Boeing fanboi who is running seems to be regularily in touch with Saj.

    His username on is NYC777. This is one of his latest fanboi comment there:

    Highly doubtful since they dont have authorization from the Board to sell the 777X. That's going to come at the end of this year and the flodgte of orders for the 77X will open up in 2013-2014. Ethiad is gearing up to order the palne next year but they want to dump the A350 first. I expect EK and QR to follow suit. I am sure Ethiad has had a presentation on the 777X and the proposed capabilities. I'd say the're salivating at the prospect of gettng this airplane.

  2. Saj regularly sends unsolicited, long emails to media in the Middle East and India comment on just about everything that happens. Fact Checker believes this to be the case to other media as well.


    Latest nonsense from Saj:

    “While Boeing is right to keep its 777X cards close to its chest, the project is a much further advanced than is known publicly, and with Clarkes comments about Emirates wanting the launch to happen sooner, not later, the A350-1000 at the airline is in serious jeopardy while the program, with just 62 firm orders, is at high risk of not just being a perennial loss making airplane project, but one that could well be cancelled before the middle of next decade."

    It looks like Saj is on some sort of a "Boeing offensive". Spreading FUD, of course, is what he does best.