Friday, 4 May 2012

Saj Ahmad is 'back,' with 'analysis' at Strategic Aero Research

After a long absence, Saj Ahmad is back with supposed "analysis" that looks more to be public relations promotions for Boeing and CFM than analysis that actually is meaningful.
Its hard to tell for sure, since he once again is using password-protected blog postings to hide what he writes, but what is in the public domain certainly lends to the conclusion that he is back to his old ways at Fleetbuzz Editorial.
His latest posting simply repeats the line promoted by Boeing that the 787 will "kill" the A330 and the claims about how much kore efficient the 787 is than the A330. From the public portion of his posting, it appears that there is no balance that would make an "analysis" meaningful.
A previous blog about CFM's win at Qantas suggests in the public portion that Pratt & Whitney is in dire shape after CFM won this competition. A blog from Aeroturbopower puts a better perspective in fewer words about what is behind the Qantas win.
Fact Checker enjoyed the time off, hoping that Ahmad might have mended bhis ways. No such luck. It looks like Fact Checker is back as well.


  1. It looks to me that the "StrategicAero Research" blog is a way for Boeing to pay Saj for spreading the gospel, so to speak. Who in their right mind would pay for the blog's ridiculous, if not absurd, subscription fees, for something that is of no real value.

    30 days*: £100 / $160 / Eur 120

    Quarterly*: £250 / $400 / Eur 300

    Annual* (Concession**): £850 / $1115 / Eur 835

  2. Good to see you back Fact Checker! The one sided drivel that Ahmed posts about Airbus needs to be addressed with facts. Keep up the good work!