What is Fleetbuzz?

Another good question. "Fleetbuzz" started as an enthusiast posting forum and Ahmad eventually formed "Fleetbuzz Editorial" blog. This evolved into something called "FBE Aerospace" (Fleetbuzz Editorial Aerospace), a consultancy in England. But there is no FBE Aerospace in the UK Companies House registry, there is no website, there is no Client List, there is nothing to support his claims of experience. There is no phone number. There is just the blog and the enthusiast forum. In other words, he started as a hobbiest.

Fleetbuzz Editorial has the following "Disclaimer":

Fleetbuzz Editorial.com is privately run and funded through FBE Aerospace. This site has no affiliation, partnerships or sponsorships with any aerospace firms, airlines or brokerages.

But what is FBE Aerospace? He doesn't say and he also does not say that FBE Aerospace isn't funded or affiliated, partnered has has sponsorships with any aerospace firms, airlines or brokerages. So while "Fleetbuzz Editorial" may not literally be funded by any or affiliated with anything other than FBE Aerospace (whatever this is), one has to presume unless Ahmad has no consultancy income at all, then Fleetbuzz Editorial is indirectly funded by or afilliated with aerospace firms, airlines or brokerages.