Thursday, 10 November 2011

Saj Ahmad is back with his snide comments

After a long and blessed absence, Saj Ahmad--the "analyst" without any discernable CV--is back with his snide comments.

Instead of offering useful commentary, Ahmad is up to his old tricks of trashing Airbus:

"Will John Leahy follow thru on promise he made to shoot himself now that A350-900 is delayed? CEO might be 1st to it!"

"Time To Kill Off The Waste-Of-Time Airbus A350-800"

These pointless, snide comments provide no useful "analysis" and certainly no facts.

When is Ahmad going to actually provide useful comment for all of us to read?


  1. A useful comment can only be given with knowledge - so it might be (f)lightyears away! ;-)

  2. Back in the days, i.e. before he somehow qualified as analyst, he bet his butcheaks that BA would never order A380.

    Of course he came up with a lame excuse that Airbus made a last second too good to be refused offer so that somehow invalidated his statement.

    Suggest he should deliver before he asks other people to deliver.