Friday, 12 August 2011

Where is Saj Ahmad about Embraer 2,000nm concept?

According to Flight International and Merrill Lynch's aerospace analyst Ron Epstein, Embraer is planning on a new airplane with 2x3 seating and 2,000nm range.

These are both elements Ahmad has bleated about for two years with the CSeries (even though he constantly misrepresents the CSeries range capability).

Where is he on the Embraer concept? Silent, just like he is silent on Boeing's No Launch Operator for the 737RE.

What's that game, Where's Waldo?

Where's Saj?


  1. And "Wo ist Behle?" (Sorry, german insider joke...)

  2. In the new "protected" fleetbuzzforums, Saj is claiming that the A350-900 will be delayed "significantly". With his track-record, would that be more wishful thinking than actual insight?

    QUOTE (Aurora @ Aug 1 2011, 10:31 PM)

    Saj, I can't see any of the "Big 3" swapping or cancelling their A350-1000 orders. They'll likely make a lot of noise...well...two of them for sure, but unless RR totally flubs the engine, they'll stick with the order. They probably got these things for 50% off list and that might make it work for them. If they paid more, they'll squeeze EADS for more "compensation".

    Saj Ahmad: Yep they'll stick with since the eventual compensation they'll get for it will make it viable to operate. But as 2wingtips points out nicely, the delays to the A350-900 is what will catch many off guard - not just by thelength but also down to the nature of them."

  3. The root of Saj's problems is that by now most of his statements and arguments have turned out to be completely wrong.

    This is why he had to purge old blogs and limits distribution for the few he still do publish.

    Sadly for him the Internet does store things forever and when you search on his name or fleetbuzz it doesn't take much work to realize the quality of his analysis.

    He did a good job promoting himself in the beginning and got great contacts but burned them one by one. Understand that even Randy have been told to stay away from him.

  4. What happened to Fleetbuzz forums? No warning, just pull the plug. No comment ever since. WTF! If this was only Saj's sandbox and he took his marbles and went home I don't need this crap. He can take his personal private kingdom and shove-it. He ended up burning a few more bridges along the way. Not sure he gives a damn. Maybe one of the former admins would care to comment.

  5. I was a reader, and side poster of/on the blog from May 2009 to March 2010, according to the pages I saved. Of course, the most interesting part is the contrasting opinions of the commentators there. I thought some where genuinely top notch, some where a bit over-the-top.

    Early on, my opinion was probably a bit fanboy bias towards Boeing, on Fleetbuzz & Randy's Journal. Of course, now I appreciate better both Airbus & Boeing have their complex issues within the complex socio-political environments each operate in. In any event, from what I wrote, most of my posts were reactionary, so I miss the interaction with those blogger who had such polarized opinions. I tried to keep an open and balance mind where I could. I think my last thoughts of Fleetbuzz since the password era are deep hesitation about the bashing of the Pratt & Whitney GTF.

    My interest there on the blogs will always be flight and the background industry workings, and the learning curve will always be steep - this is all just powered by interest. So eventually blogs like Flightblogger's clearcut level-headed look at the industry were more appealing than the purely PR blogs.

    (One commentators recount of pen-pals on Fleetbuzz, cheers, thanks)

  6. Hi Paulo,
    I have read many of your posts on different forums and find them interesting. I was very disappointed with the sudden shut-down of the forum that otherwise presented itself as promoting on-going discussions of all aspects of aerospace. I have been discussing aerospace with family, friends, and colleagues since I was a teenager in the mid-1970s. Fleetbuzz was quirky and limited but there was enough of a community to make it interesting. As a structural design engineer it seemed like maybe a handful of people on Fleetbuzz were interested in a discussion of aircraft structure. I am frustrated that my personal and life-long interest in discussion of aerospace was mildly impacted by the sudden cessation of a discussion community with out warning and without explanation.