Sunday, 3 July 2011

Saj Ahmad: the "analyst" who can't make up his mind

"...the market penetration for new A320neo’s will be high,” said Saj Ahmad Chief Analyst at FBE Aerospace London.--Khaleej Times, 24 June, 2011.

"Airbus A320neo may be scapped." Fleetbuzz Editorial, 5 April, 2011.

"The fact that a big Asian airline has decided to agree in principle to commit to the CSeries should alleviate concerns about Bombardier's ability to market and sell the airplane, particularly when Airbus and Boeing combined have over 4,000 A320s and 737s yet to be delivered," said Saj Ahmad, a chief analyst at FBE Aerospace.--Wall Street Journal, 21 June, 2011.

This is the first nice thing Ahmad has ever said about the CSeries. Who knows--maybe hell will freeze over after all.


  1. Positive comments about both A320neo and CSeries. Reality finally hit.

  2. Well, on the first point, he really doesn't have much option other than to change his mind. Given the mind-numbing suggestion that the A320neo would be scrapped, just a few weeks later and sales are comfortably over 1,000.

    The mark of a true analyst. ha ha ha

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  4. Yes, I'd love to be able to read his words of wisodm!